Marla believes that the people of the 34th Senate District deserve better and demand better of the individuals who represent them in Springfield.  That is why Marla will make a difference when she is elected on November 4th.

Job Creation
It is not a secret Rockford's unemployment rate is approximately 12%.  Marla is a strong supporter of clean, alternative energy like wind and solar power that lower energy prices, reduces our dependence on foreign oil and create jobs in Illinois that can't be outsourced. Marla believes that one answer to this growing problem is to invest in 21st century technology.  If we invest in the technology, we can make Rockford an industrial hub for the future, just like it once was.  By remodeling old industrial infrastructures, we could bring high paying jobs back to this area.  As a small business owner, Marla believes this can be achieved through tax incentives.  Another  job creating incentive is to give tax credits to businesses that hire locally and use local suppliers.

Marla will fight outsourcing that is hurting our economy. She opposes tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, and she supports banning companies that outsource jobs from getting state contracts. We deserve jobs that provide a livable wage and an opportunity to grow together.  We demand action to give companies a reason to come to Rockford and expand.

The Budget & Taxes
Illinois currently faces an $8billion dollar deficit.  We have billions of unpaid bills, neglected pension obligations, and schools in need of millions of dollars in operational expenses.  To put it simply, Illinois does not take in enough revenue. 

Currently, Marla opposes a tax increase because she feels that legislators are not accountable for taxpayer dollars.  Marla believes there are paths to find new revenue, but not enough cuts have been made.  Marla believes legislators need to lead by example and reduce their salaries, and prove to the people that they are not elected for perks, restoring faith in government. 

We deserve to be represented by senators who work in our best interest and we demand responsible action to solve the budget crisis. 

The Illinois pension system is a big reason for the financial crisis we face in Illinois.  Over time, legislators borrowed from pension funds to cover budget holes and our unfunded liability now sits at around $80 billion. 
Marla believes the state needs to look at reducing benefits, and increasing the retirement age for new employees.  Marla agrees with the constitutional obligation to keep the promise to current employees and does not believe in reducing benefits. 

We deserve a senator who will work to restore funding to our pension obligations and demand a senator who will not say “No” when effective and responsible solutions are presented.

Marla believes that education is of the upmost importance to the residents in the 34th District.  Marla says we need to provide our children with good educations so they are ready for the jobs of the future, and we need to reform education by cutting waste and putting more resources in the classroom instead of spending money on administrators.  The state owes Rockford and surrounding area school districts millions of dollars in operational expenses.  Marla wants to make sure our schools get the funding that they deserve.  Marla believes in education funding reform.  High property taxes are forcing many families to make hard choices.  Marla believes we need to shift the burden of school funding off of property taxes with a dollar for dollar swap so that there is no increase in taxes. Marla is also committed to setting higher standards and holding everyone more accountable. 

We deserve a Senator who will put education first and invest in a more stable and more prosperous economic future.  We demand our children come first.  They deserve nothing less than immediate action.

Higher Education
Marla knows Illinois needs to invest in its higher education system.  For years, the state has kept higher education funding flat, while tuition continues to increase.  We must do everything to make the cost of college reasonable.  If we want young leaders for the future, we have to set them up with resources for success. 

Our youth deserve to be given every opportunity to succeed in higher education and we demand that higher education funding be restored so that we may give them the resources to succeed.

Marla believes that protecting the environment is not just about preserving nature’s beauty.  We need a serious commitment to Green Collar jobs if we are going to become a more sustainable and more efficient community.  Marla wants to lead the endeavor in making the hard-working people of Illinois the back bone of this national effort to become the global leader in Green Collar jobs.  Not only will this help create more sustainable energy, but we will be establishing one of the most relevant, high-demand job markets for generations to come. 

We deserve a senator who will work toward building our economy through innovative technology that is safe for our environment and we demand a senator who will invest in jobs that bring us the forefront of green jobs in the nation.

Health Care
Marla believes in preventative medicine and Illinois should provide the best care to its most needy in the most efficient manner. Due to the recession, people are relying on government services more than ever. Those that are uninsured also place a huge burden on the system and we need to address the abusers by increasing efficiency within the program.  Marla is a small business owner that lives within a budget and believes we need to do the same with the Medicaid program, providing the services that Illinoisans need in the most efficient way possible.  Marla also believes in furthering initiatives, both state and federal, that create healthy lifestyle.

We deserve a Senator who will provide care while increasing efficiencies. We demand a Senator who will think creatively about initiatives that make for healthier future generations. 

Reform Measures
Marla believes Springfield needs to change the culture of the career Springfield politicians and increase accountability to the people. She supports allowing voters to recall any corrupt legislator or elected state official, and she supports banning legislators from taking trips paid for by lobbyists and special interests. Marla supports caps for individuals, corporations, unions and political action committees because she thinks it levels the playing field.

Marla also supports term limits.

We deserve a senator who listens to the people and upholds integrity in state offices.  We demand a Senator who will not campaign on an ideal and fail to uphold that promise once elected.